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when I get back let's disappear without a trace.


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(ported from LJ. old info.)

A new start, a new journal. I've been on LJ since late 2002 but I like to start over fresh every once in a while.

So.. hi! I'm Judith, or Juliet depending on where you know me from. I'm 24. I don't like writing these intro thingies, they always come off as either really boring or totally pretentious. I'd like to think I'm neither of those things.

Also, I write in Dutch, so don't bother adding me if you won't be able to understand my entries (unless I added you or told you to add me). Add [personal profile] awhoresmascara instead. [cookies for anyone who gets that reference without looking it up on google. and no, it's not inspired by that shitty electro band. ]
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